Preparation of thin film composite polyamide membrane by a dip coating method
Paper ID : 1114-MST2015-FULL
This study focuses on the preparation of thin film composite (TFC) membrane of polyamide by dip coating technique. For this purpose, polyethersulfone (PES) membranes were prepared by the non-solvent-induced phase inversion method on the polyester nonwoven fabric as support layer, and then the polyamide was coated on the prepared support layer by immersion in a dilute solution of nylon-6 in formic acid as a solvent. The effect of immersion time on the separation performance and properties of the obtained TFC membranes was investigated. The fabricated TFC membranes were characterized by a cross flow reverse osmosis (RO) tests as well as the SEM and FTIR analysis. The results of the SEM and FTIR tests indicated that a thin layer of polyamide was successfully formed on the PES substrate during the coating process. Furthermore, the experimental results revealed that increasing of immersion time led to an increase in the salt rejection and a decrease in the water flux, simultaneously. The permeation flux of 9.12 lit/m2.h and salt rejection of 91.2% were observed for the TFC polyamide membrane that was prepared at immersion time of 30 min.
TFC membrane, Polyamide, Dip coating, Reverse osmosis (RO)
Status : Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)