Preparation of nanocomposite polysulfone membranes with covalent functionalized Multi wall carbon nanotube by diallyldimethylammonium chloride monomer .
Paper ID : 1162-MST2015-FULL
Polysulfone membranes are widely used for water purification because of their superior thermal and mechanical properties, dimensional and thermal stability, and excellent chemical resistance. On the other hand it possesses excellent film and membrane-formation properties. However, a major limitation in the use of polysulfone membranes is flux decline, due to fouling which caused by hydrophobic nature of polysulfone. In this work nanocomposite polysulfone membranes were prepared by modified Carbon nanotube. Diallyldimethylammonium chloride was used for functionalization of MWCNT via insitu polymerization. Prepared polymer possesses positive charge on repeating unit and increase hydrophilicity of MWCNT. Utilization of functionalized Carbon nanotube in polysulfone membranes improves the performance of these membranes in separation of metal ions and dyes. Pure water flux and salt rejection was increased. FT-IR, TGA and UV spectroscopy were used to confirm the modified reactions. Hydrophilicity of membranes Investigated by water contact angle. Morphology of prepared membranes was obtained by FESEM. Water flux, salt and dye rejection were assessed by Nanofiltration cell.
Polysulfone membranes,MWCNT,Nanofiltration
Status : Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)