Preparation and characterization of sulfonated polyethersulfone composite ion-exchange membranes filled by graphene oxide nanosheets
Paper ID : 1189-MST2015-FULL
kobra gerani1, Hamid Mortaheb *2, Babak Mokhtarani1
1chemistry and chemical engineering research center of iran
2Faculty Member, CCERCI
Ion exchange membranes are applied for desalination of sea and brackish waters and for treating industrial wastewaters. Recently, graphene derivatives have received substantial attentions in many applications including membrane separation processes. In this study, the ion exchange capacity and water uptake of cation-exchange membranes (CEMs) composed of sulfonated polyethersulfone (sPES) as the matrix and graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets as the filler are investigated. GO nanosheets are synthesized from pristine graphite flakes by the Staudenmaier method. The scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images reveal that the filler is dispersed uniformly in the polymeric matrix of prepared membranes. The appropriate properties of the membranes make them suitable candidates for water desalination applications.
Ion exchange membrane Sulfonated polyethersulfone Ion exchange capacity Water uptake Graphene oxide
Status : Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)