Enhancement in performance of sulfonated PES cation exchange membrane by functionalized graphene oxide nanosheets
Paper ID : 1190-MST2015-FULL
kobra gerani1, Hamid Mortaheb *2, Babak Mokhtarani1
1chemistry and chemical engineering research center of iran
2Faculty Member, CCERCI
In the present research, cation exchange membranes (CEMs) based on polyether sulfone are prepared by incorporating different amount of sulfonated graphene oxide (sGO). The enhancements in properties of prepared membranes including ion exchange capacity are reported. The graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets are synthesized from natural graphite flakes by the Hammer's method. The prepared GO nanosheets are then functionalized using a sulfonic acid functional group precursor. Incorporating sGO increases the ion exchange capacity (IEC) and water uptake of the prepared membranes. The uniform distribution of SGO in the membrane matrix is confirmed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images. The enhanced performance of prepared membranes makes them good candidates for practical applications such as fuel cells and electrodialysis.
Cation exchange membrane Sulfonated polyether sulfone Sulfonated graphene oxide Ion exchange capacity Water uptake
Status : Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)