Improved steel-supported SAPO-34 membranes for light gas separations
Paper ID : 1369-MST2015-FULL
Zeynab Jabbari1, Shohre Fatemi *2
1University of Tehran
2Enghlab Ave. Un. Of Tehran, Chemical Engineering
Tubular SAPO-34 membranes were prepared by synthesizing SAPO-34 by hydrothermal secondary growth crystallization on the surface of porous stainless steel support using a homogenous mechanical agitation during the layer formation. The fabricated membranes were tested in a tubular module membrane set up for separation of the binary gas mixtures of CH4/H2, CO/H2 and CH4/CO2. In the permeation tests of H2/CH4the maximum selectivity of28.4with permeance of 2.4 × 10−7 mol/m2 s Pa was detected for H2 against CH4. The H2/CO separation tests revealed 6.8 selectivity with H2 permeance of 6.2 × 10−8 mol/m2 s Pa. The separation test of CO2/CH4 resulted selectivity of 49 with CO2 permeance1.2 × 10−7 mol/m2 s pa. The purity of CO2 from a feed of equal molar of CO2-CH4 has shown 93.5mol% enrichment of CO2 in the permeate section. As a result the fabricated SAPO-34 tubular membrane would be a good candidate for separation of H2 from the mixture of CH4and CO and separation of CO2 from CH4.
tubular membrane, SAPO-34, secondary growth, gas mixture separation
Status : Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)